How Does an Employer Check a CNA Certification?


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During a background check to verify a CNA certification, the employer may call up a variety of nursing-related organization, particularly the one that issued the certificate itself. The group that issued the certificate keeps records of all the currently certified nurses, so this is likely to be the quickest method.

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Every state has a nurse aide registry that can be referenced when checking a certification, which contains a list of all certified nurses for the respective state. Each registry has a physical address, as well as email addresses and phone numbers that are contacted in order to locate information on a given nurse employee. These records are maintained by the state's department of health, with most nurses requiring a renewal of their certificate every two years.

Nurse aide registries keep certification records, as well as records of abuse or theft during the job. These jobs can impact whether a nurse is allowed to be certified again, and it could be a sign to find a different, more reliable nurse. Becoming a nurse requires training that lasts for about two years, where the certified nurse aide is trained in the general care and medical help of patients in need, around the same amount of time between each renewal of their certificate.

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