How Do Employees Use PostalEASE?

Employees of the U.S. Postal Service can log into the LiteBlue system with their employee IDs and their passwords to gain access to the PostalEase benefit management system. Employees can also use the PostalEase telephone system or a USPS employee self-service kiosk.

Through PostalEASE, employees may change their current enrollment options during the benefit open season or make an election to their benefits within 60 days of their dates of hire. They can also enter dependent information to their benefit plans, confirm coverage and add newly eligible children to their plans. PostalEASE is a U.S. government website intended for authorized use only by USPS employees. Any unauthorized access or use of the website may subject violators to civil or criminal prosecution.

Employees that have access to LiteBlue can use PostalEASE online instead of accessing PostalEASE by telephone. LiteBlue is an online system that USPS employees use to communicate and stay connected to pay information, employee benefits and important information regarding their jobs. In addition, the system provides employees with information regarding products available, service performance and career development. The system also allows employees to provide feedback to USPS. According to USPS, LiteBlue continues to evolve to allow USPS employees access to the latest information consistently and efficiently.