Which Employees Do Paperless W2 Forms Cover?


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All employees of companies that have been approved by the IRS to provide electronic W-2's can use these forms, according to the Internal Revenue Service. The employees must give consent to their employers to receive their W-2 forms electronically.

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Employers can opt to provide their employees electronic W-2's as long as the company meets certain requirements, states the IRS. The company must meet specifications of the Social Security Administration, they must be up to date on all of the current rules and criteria, and electronic W-2's must be furnished by the same date as paper W-2's. In addition, the employer must meet certain disclosure requirements regarding their workers, such as properly informing them of all the variables concerning W-2's. These consist of the choice to receive either paper statements or electronic statements, how they can keep their information current, how they can withdraw consent to receive electronic W-2's, and other things that are at the discretion of employees.

All employers who have 250 or more employees are now required to Form W-2 forms electronically, unless they receive a waiver, explains the IRS. Employers with less than 250 employees are also urged to file Form W-2 electronically, which expedites the speed of service and leaves less opportunities for error. Regardless of whether the employer files electronically, an employee still has the right to choose whether he wants paper or electronic W-2's.

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