How Are Employee Work Schedules Determined?


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Employee work schedules are determined by considering labor laws, creating an hourly chart based on the business needs, and incorporating vacations and holidays, notes Chron Small Business. These factors are all dynamic, meaning that the process of creating an employee work schedule can change frequently.

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How Are Employee Work Schedules Determined?
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Labor laws dictate how employers must manage their employees, notes Chron Small Business. For instance, the U.S. Department of Labor enforces over 180 unique federal laws, as stated by the organization's official website. These laws impact businesses, job seekers, workers, retirees, contractors and grantees. One of the most renown, the Fair Labor Standards Act, restricts hours based on age and regulates the amount a non-exempt employee must be paid. Given these requirements, an employee work schedule must be constructed in accordance with legal consideration.

An hourly chart that displays the numerous work shifts along with employee names is also essential, notes Chron Small Business. Specialized software can populate this data after basic parameters, such as employee availability, are entered. Otherwise, this chart can be created by hand. Finally, a person determining a work schedule needs to give consideration to holidays and vacation time. Mothers and those with health conditions may require unique work arrangements, notes Forbes. In certain scenarios, a flexible work schedule should be incorporated.

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