What Is Employee Transition Planning?


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Employee transition planning is the process a company takes when an employee resigns. Rather than losing the knowledge and skills of the departing employee, the company takes affirmative steps to ensure it can continue its business after the departure with little to no interruption.

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The company and the employee generally work together to create a transition plan. The first step is to create a list of the employee's pending projects, then put in place a step-by-step procedure that details the specific actions the departing employee is to take in order to finish these tasks. Part of successful transition planning is for the company to follow up with the employee on these specific tasks in the days or weeks following the notice of departure. The plan should include the transfer of the employee's key knowledge and contact information.

For tasks that cannot be completed prior to the employee leaving, the company makes short-term arrangements to reassign these tasks to current employees, either to complete or to manage until a replacement can be hired.

The company generally uses the knowledge and pending tasks to consider what it may need in a replacement. This is an opportunity to reclassify job duties to better fit what the position has become under the departing employee. A successful transition plan includes definite action steps the replacement employee must take once work begins.

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