What Are Some Free Employee Time-Tracking Options?

Some free employee time-tracking options include cloud-based Web services such as Kimai, Open Time Clock and Time Clock Wizard. These packages offer online access to time clock functions and account information with various features to improve employee management.

Kimai is free, open source software for employee time-tracking. Users can install Kimai to run either as a cloud-based service or as standalone single-user software. Kimai compiles printable summaries of employee hours organized by project, location or type of work. It offers a simple interface for any operating system.

Open Time Clock is free software for employee time-tracking, but the software is not open source. Open Time Clock allows employees to clock in from any Web browser, as well as through the Open Time Clock mobile app for Android and iOS. The paid version of Open Time Clock features reporting and camera clock-in to prevent employees from clocking other employees in.

Time Clock Wizard is a powerful free employee time-tracking service. This fully Web-based service does not require users to install any software. Since it can handle unlimited managers and employees, the free software scales to any size business. It offers text message notification of employee clock-ins for managers and of schedule changes for employees. The free software service offers payroll functions as well.