What Are Employee Self-Service Systems Used For?


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Employee self-service systems are used to help employees handle some of their own human resource related issues and tasks. It helps the human resource department spend more time on other tasks it needs to complete, and it helps to further increase efficiency throughout the entire company while saving on labor hours.

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With an employee self-service system, an employee can usually handle changing her own basic information, such as her contact information, bank account and direct deposit information, and personal info like her physical address. Some of these systems also provide other permissions for employees, such as viewing their schedules, changing payroll information and requesting time off. Other systems include the ability to change or adjust benefits and open enrollment information. It is often advantageous because employees can take their time looking at the different options without having to involve the human resources department.

Employee self-service systems can benefit any company, but they especially help large companies and corporations. The human resources departments for large companies have such a busy workload, that these minor adjustments end up taking a lot of time.

There are also some disadvantages to self-service systems, such as the cost of implementing the software and adding additional security to allow employees access to only their own information without the threat of affecting the system.

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