What Are Employee Self-Evaluations of Strengths and Weaknesses?

employee-self-evaluations-strengths-weaknesses Credit: Photodisc/Photodisc/Getty Images

Self-evaluations allow employees to share where they have excelled and where they could do better. They allow employees to share ways in which they helped their company. They can also encourage employees to reflect on their performance.

Employees are often encouraged to avoid bragging and pointing out how they helped on a regular basis. However, employers still want to know where particular employees excelled. By giving employees forms for evaluating their performance, employers can allow their employees to point out areas where their work may have gone unrecognized. These evaluations let employees be honest about their contributions and claim credit where some is due.

By asking employees to share their weaknesses, employers can ask them to reflect on their performance. When forced to point out potential for areas of improvement, employees are forced to think through their actions at the company, and these evaluations can help them come to some realizations about areas they can work on.

Self-assessed evaluations can be challenging for employees. Some are reluctant to speak up and take credit, and others do not want to share their weaknesses. By asking employees to be honest and letting them know that their reports are confidential, employers can encourage them to leave helpful feedback.