What Is the Employee's State Insurance Corporation?


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The Employee's State Insurance Corporation is a social security system in India that offers a variety of protections and benefits to citizens, particularly relating to working class needs, as of 2015. It provides basic health insurance coverage to citizens, temporary aid to workers who experience sickness or injury, and long-term benefits to the dependants of members who die or suffer serious harm.

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The Employee's State Insurance Corporation grew out of the Employees' State Insurance Act of 1948, wherein Indian Parliament passed laws that offered protection to workers in industrial settings following the country's recent independence and burgeoning economic status. The system grew to expand its offerings so that all workers within the country, as well as dependants and family members, had access to the appropriate benefits and protections. For example, an Indian citizen is able to register with the corporation to obtain health insurance coverage for herself as well as the direct members of her family while she is earning an income.

The corporation also helps to protect its members' ability to earn after experiencing work-related injuries, such as losing a limb in a factory or growing ill from exposure to harmful chemicals. After filing a claim, a person can receive compensatory payments to account for the loss of income. If that person dies as a result of a work-related accident or event, her dependants are also able to claim pension payments each month for a set period of time.

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