What Are Some Employee Rewards Program Ideas?


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Some employee reward program ideas include giving free vacations, paying monetary bonuses and offering reloadable gift cards. Some companies give free vacations for every two years worked, while others reward an increase in production or sales with a check for a specific amount of money.

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Some companies use reloadable gift cards as incentives. When an employee takes a positive action or accomplishes certain tasks, management loads points onto the employee's card.

Another incentive idea is to give each employee $50 to give to a coworker as a bonus to acknowledge good work. Yet another way to acknowledge employees includes having managers notify the chief executive officer when an employee does something well. The CEO then makes a personalized call to thank the employee.

Tuition reimbursement is a larger reward incentive. Some companies offer a set amount of educational reimbursement based on the number of years worked.

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