What Is Employee Relations?


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The Office of Human Capital Management defines employee relations as the body of work that maintains employer-employee relationships to produce satisfactory productivity, motivation and morale in an organization. A good employee relations system prevents and resolves problems among individuals that come from or otherwise affect work situations.

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The OHCM also explains that employee relations involves giving advice to supervisors on how to correct employee misconduct and poor performance. In these instances, organizations must follow a set of rules and procedures that fall in line with its goals and mission when settling an issue. This also means that employees must have a clear understanding of the organization's goals and policies.

The OHCM also notes that the division of an organization that deals with employee relations provides employees with information so that they have a better understanding of these goals and policies. This division should also supply information about how to address poor employee performance, misconduct and any personal affairs that affect job performance. The OHCM also explains that this division should provide employees with advice about their rights in grievances and appeals as well as information about protections against discrimination. The information given to employees should also include the organization's whistleblower policy.

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