What Are Some Employee Recognition Award Titles?

Some examples of employee recognition award titles are Outstanding Innovator, Excellence in Organization, Safety Achievement, Above and Beyond, and Sales Leader Award. Award titles can be serious, such as Cost-Effective Solutions Award or a Safety Recognition Award. They can also be humorous, for example, a Your Halo Is Showing or Pop Culture Pro award.

Employee recognition award titles should reflect the culture of the business and the spirit of the ceremony where they are given. Awards given to only a single employee might have names such as Employee of the Month, Top Performer, Safety Star Award or Stellar Proposal Award. Retirement might call for an Extraordinary Service Award or a Service and Dedication Award.

An awards ceremony where every employee receives recognition can be a fun, team-building event. Recognizing all different types of contributions can take the form of awards such as The Human Handbook, Office Lunch Expert, Rookie of the Year, Healthy Living Promoter and Ms. Congeniality. Formal recognition of employee's contributions is encouraging because it shows that their work is valued. This makes employees happier and more productive at work. Appropriate awards are specific, personal and positive. And recognition doesn't require an award or certificate; a hand-written note of appreciation for a specific achievement can accomplish the same goal.