How Does an Employee Provide Superior Customer Service?

Superior customer service includes: providing customers with a way to give feedback, making personal connections with customers, listening carefully during conversations with customers and maintaining constant communication with the customers. Great customer service requires a transparent relationship between the customer and the service provider or sales professional.

One of the best ways to provide superior customer service is to keep track of efforts that work and discard those that are unsuccessful.

  1. Solicit feedback from customers
  2. Give customers a way to communicate their satisfaction or dissatisfaction as well as details about their experience with employees. This could be a form on a website, a feedback card or a telephone survey.
  3. Create personal connections with customers
  4. Show customers that they are important by remembering their names, sending them cards on their birthdays or discussing shared interests. This is particularly important for loyal return customers, but it also applies to single interactions. Asking customers about their day or wishing them good luck with a purchase are two friendly examples of making a personal connection.
  5. Learn to listen
  6. Develop listening skills so that understanding a customer's complaint or question becomes second nature. A good listener repeats information back to the customer to show that he or she understands and then provides relevant solutions to problems.
  7. Communicate frequently
  8. Touching base with customers via telephone, email or in-person interaction is also essential to customer service. It shows customers that they represent a priority to the business.