What Is an Employee-Leaving Announcement?

employee-leaving-announcement Credit: IBushuev/E+/Getty Images

An employee-leaving announcement is a letter that an employer writes stating the termination of duties of an employee. The announcement is delivered in writing, and it states the final date on which an employee is expected to leave his position of employment. The employee must give the employer at least two weeks notice before terminating services in most cases.

An employee-leaving announcement notifies fellow employees that a staff member wishes to terminate his employment with the firm. It is recommended for the employer to submit reasons for terminating employment, especially if they are negative. A smart employer does not include details that can be misunderstood or taken personally by future readers.

An employee-leaving announcement gives the employer an official document demonstrating that the termination of the contract was initiated in goodwill and for the better of the company. It protects the employer against any future litigation in connection with unlawful dismissal of the employee. When writing an employee-leaving announcement, the employer must be sincere and informal and avoid overblown sentiments. It is advisable to comment on positive traits, contributions to the company and future plans if there are any. The letter must be free from statements of conflict, mentions of illness or age and cases of financial misappropriation.