What Is an Employee Health Assessment?


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An employee health assessment is an assessment than an employee can choose to participate in that can lead to discounts on health insurance. These assessments can also be used to identify any risk factors associated with an employee's health.

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The employee typically has two option for completing an employee health assessment: doing so online or via a paper form provided by the insurance provider. This assessment is done by the employee, who enters information based on their medical history, height, weight, activity level and habits such as smoking or drinking. The assessment then looks at this information to determine risk factors and if any preventative actions need to be taken.

Should an employee be asked to participate in preventative action, they may be contacted by a representative of the insurance provider. The purpose of this contact is to discuss any risk factors that were identified and methods to lower risk. For example, an employee that smokes may be contacted to discuss options for quitting, while an employee considered overweight may have to discuss diet and fitness options. Employees that are found to be at an extreme or significant risk are typically asked to follow up with their primary care physician. A complete physical or biometric screening may also be required.

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