How Are Employee Complaints Usually Resolved?


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There is no set way in which companies resolve employee complaints. However, many companies use an open-door policy or regular employee meetings to resolve them.

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An open-door policy requires that employers make it known to employees that they are free to come to them with any complaint or problem. This is often used for smaller companies, as fewer problems tend to arise from a smaller workforce. Larger companies may find an open-door policy more difficult to follow, as it may lead to endless meetings with employees. If companies adopt an open-door policy they must ensure that they give a detailed follow-up of the problem or complaint and a thorough resolution so that it does not happen again.

Periodic employee meetings require that employees work together to resolve the complaint. This resolution strategy works best when employees tend to work as a team and have regular meetings anyway. Companies allot a certain amount of time to discuss problems or complaints so that employees can resolve them together. This allows companies to address the complaint once, rather than requiring each employee deal with the problem individually. Companies that use this strategy often allow employees the chance to speak privately about their complaints outside of the meetings when needed.

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