What Are Some Employee Benefits at Nestle?

employee-benefits-nestle Credit: Erin Stevenson O'Connor/CC-BY-SA 2.0

Benefits for Nestle employees include comprehensive health insurance, retirement plans, tuition reimbursement, 401(k) plans, maternity and paternity leave, paid vacation and sick days. Nestle is devoted as to overall employee wellness and has instituted daily childcare, flexible schedules and weight management programs in select markets.

Nestle is a global company that employs 339,000 people worldwide, as of 2015. Nestle focuses on maintaining a safe, diverse and healthy workplace for its employees through reward programs designed for the needs of each market. All of the programs include fixed or variable pay, work-life balance and personal growth initiatives. A company car, on-site fitness center, community volunteer programs, subsidized lunches and a company store are all variable benefits depending on the location of employment.

Nestle offers an employee discount program on computers, automobiles and personal vacations that is available through an online portal. Through the power of collective bargaining, the large company has negotiated lower rates for its workers on many items they already purchase. A current employee needs to register for the site in order to gain the perks, but alumni employees can also gain access to the discounts on a different site. This program is only available to employees in the United States.