What Are Some of the Employee Benefits at Circle K?

Employees who work at Circle K stores can expect a wide range of worker benefits, including competitive pay, dental and health plans, and 401(k) savings plans. Student employees may be able to get tuition assistance. Workers also get paid vacation time and paid holidays.

Typical workers at a Circle K store earn a salary rather than receiving an hourly wage. These salaries are competitive among workers, giving the better and more experienced employees a higher pay. Circle K stores also help set up their employees to live comfortably with health and dental plans, ensuring that they are able to get the care that they need to maintain their health.

Circle K stores also assist employees in planning for their retirement. The 401(k) planned savings options give employees the opportunity to make sure they are saving enough money to retire when the time comes. Furthermore, Circle K employment emphasizes the importance of family and a healthy social life by allowing workers to take paid vacations. The company also pays employees during time off for the holidays to make sure that people are getting enough time to relax with family and friends. Circle K balances a competitive workplace with a comfortable amount of off time, making for a healthy work life.