How Does the Employee Access Payroll System Work?

How Does the Employee Access Payroll System Work?

An employee payroll access system works by providing a password-protected online system that enables an employee to log in to her payroll information from a location of her choice. The system provides access to W-2s, pay stubs, and other payroll information.

Employee payroll access systems vary by features provided, capabilities of the systems, target markets and levels of support. Some systems are limited to payroll and others integrate accounting with payroll. Enhanced systems also provide a time clock feature that can automatically track employee hours.

An administrator manages the system to ensure all personnel data is accurately entered into the system. Payroll is administered via direct deposit and/or a manual check mailed to an employee. Once new information is added into the system, employees can log in and track their pay and hours. Additionally, employees can review pay stubs and obtain copies of W-2s.

A payroll-only system is limited in capabilities and therefore has limited employee accessible information.

Payroll and accounting systems integrate payroll information with accounting and enable employees to have direct deposit. A full-service payroll systems not only incorporates payroll and accounting, it also provides a dedicated support person that can assist a company's payroll administrator to ensure all data entry and accounting are accurate, including tax filing and payment support.