What Is an Emblem Credit Card?

The Emblem credit card, issued by Jefferson Capitals System LLC, Minnesota is offered to individuals with a bad credit history in exchange for repaying a charged-off debt. This credit card has a low limit, carries certain fees and allows online payments via the Online Account Access on the company's website.

With the Emblem credit card, old debts of users from other companies get transferred to it automatically and are reported as completely paid to consumer reporting agencies. In this manner, Emblem credit card consumers get an opportunity to reduce their debt and re-establish credit rating while making low payments every month.

This pre-approved credit card carries with it an account opening fee, annual fee and account maintenance fee. This card can be used at ATMs featuring the MasterCard Credit Card logo. When making online payments with the card, users must retrieve their User ID, which can also be used to change the password. If users forget their User ID, details such as credit card number, last four digits of the social security number, zip code and date of birth must be entered.

With the Emblem credit card, customers can also pay via a financial institution, Western Union, MoneyGram, phone and mail. Payments from other debit or credit cards are not accepted.