How Do You Email a Resume?


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After a resume is complete, e-mailing it is a matter of attaching it to the e-mail and preparing the e-mail in the right format. Include a compelling subject line, message and signature.

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  1. Attach the document

    Attach the resume as a Word document or in another accepted format. If the hiring manager requested it directly in the e-mail, copy and paste it into the body of the e-mail.

  2. Add a compelling subject line

    Clearly indicate the position for which he is applying in the subject line, such as, "John Doe Resume for Sales Position at Company XYZ."

  3. Prepare and edit the message

    Write a brief message that introduces the reader to the resume. In some cases, the e-mail message is a cover letter. Other times, a person may attach the letter as well. Carefully edit all you wrote, and add a signature.

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