How Do You Find Email Addresses of Millionaires and Billionaires?

The best way to find email addresses for millionaires and billionaires is to search for bulk email marketing companies online. These companies provide bulk email lists according to customer specifications. Buyers can pinpoint the target population for each email list according to salary and income as well as other characteristics such as credit rating, occupation and geographic area. Choose the best email marketing company by locating companies with a reputable selling rate and trustworthy business operations.

One issue with many bulk email marketing lists is reliability. The email addresses may be fake or undeliverable. Because the costs for such lists can range from $200 to $600, the risk of losses can be significant unless the seller can guarantee the accuracy of the lists. It's always best to check with the Better Business Bureau or to locate customers reviews before going with a bulk email marketing company. Quality lists can cost as much as 20 cents per name. This price range may be a good way to avoid the high bounce-back and undeliverable rates often associated with bulk email marketing lists. Also, be sure to avoid mailing lists that are limited only to postal mailing addresses and do not include email addresses.