What Does Elwood Staffing Do?

What Does Elwood Staffing Do?

Elwood Staffing is an employment agency that places workers in both short- and long-term temporary jobs with its client companies. The company provides staffing for the skilled trades, professional jobs and a more general range of labor and basic office jobs.

Some examples of general jobs that Elwood can staff are positions in warehouses, manufacturing, the automotive industry, construction and customer service. In addition to temporary personnel, the company also provides temp-to-hire, direct-hire and contract personnel.

The Elwood Professional branch of the company matches skilled professional candidates who are considered mid-level to upper executive in the fields of engineering, information technology and business management with businesses in need. These are contract and direct-hire arrangements.

The Elwood Tradesmen branch handles skilled tradesmen in construction, manufacturing, aerospace and renewable energy, among other fields.

The company also runs a business resource center called the Elwood Academy. This division of the company creates white papers, company and talent reports, wage and benefit reports, and conducts market intelligence studies for client companies. They also run a variety of employment training programs.

As of April 2015, Elwood has over 220 service locations throughout the United States and Canada. They also have a central national recruiting center that can be reached by phone or email.