Who Is Eligible for Tricare Standard?

Families of active duty and retired service members and many non-active service members and their families are eligible for Tricare Standard. Non-active service members include non-activated guard or reserve members. Survivors of deceased sponsors and Medal of Honor recipients are also eligible.

For non-activated guard and reserve members to qualify, they must meet the criteria in the Transitional Assistance Management Program. Retired guard or reserve members must be 60 years and above and in receipt of retirement pay. Families are comprised of children less than 21 years of age, or 23 years if in college, spouses and unmarried former spouses. Sponsors should ensure that their family members are correctly registered in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System and have current uniformed services identification cards.

Since Tricare Standard has a broader choice of providers, it can be an option for members who live in an area where other Tricare plans are not available or for those whose providers are not in the Tricare network. Qualified members who live overseas can choose Tricare Standard Overseas but have to get command-sponsored for the option.

Eligibility can be lost when a sponsor is separated from the service. A former spouse also loses benefits upon remarriage. One can still get transitional health coverage under the Transitional Assistance Management Program or get additional time by purchasing the Continued Health Care Benefit Program coverage.