Who Is Eligible for Medicare Advantage Plans With Blue Cross Blue Shield?


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You may be eligible for a Blue Cross and Blue Shield Medicare Advantage plan if you live within an area that offers the plan you are interested in joining, if you have both Medicare Part A and Part B, and if you have not been diagnosed with End-Stage Renal Disease, or ESRD, according to Medicare.gov. In most cases, you must meet each of these qualifications. Exceptions are sometimes considered under special circumstances.

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On its website, Blue Cross and Blue Shield provides a list of states that provide Blue Cross and Blue Shield Medicare Advantage insurance plans. You may use this list to find out specific details regarding a particular Medicare Advantage plan in your state by visiting your state's Blue Cross and Blue Shield website.

Although individuals with end-stage renal disease are generally not considered for Medicare Advantage plans, exceptions may be considered, according to Medicare.com. You may qualify for a Medicare Advantage plan if you develop end-stage renal disease while already enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan, if you currently receive health benefits from the organization offering the Medicare Advantage plan, or if you have undergone a successful kidney transplant and remain qualified for Medicare benefits, indicates Medicare.gov. You may contact the plan to determine your eligibility.

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