Who Is Eligible for Medicaid in Wyoming?


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Children, pregnant women, families with children and people with certain health issues who meet eligibility requirements can qualify for Medicaid in Wyoming. The Wyoming Department of Health bases Medicaid eligibility on citizenship status, residency, family income and size, available resources and health care needs as of 2015.

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Medicaid helps pay health care expenses for eligible children who are younger than 19, in foster care or in a subsidized adoption. Children born to Medicaid-eligible mothers can qualify, as can children with a Medicaid-eligible caretaker. Wyoming also extends Medicaid coverage to eligible pregnant women, families with a dependent child or children, blind and disabled people and people who have severe health conditions, such as tuberculosis or breast cancer.

Wyoming also extends Medicaid coverage to eligible individuals who need nursing home care, who qualify for nursing home care but prefer to receive care at home, who are hospitalized for at least 30 days, who need hospice care or who need care in an assisted living facility. Disabled individuals who work, individuals who need help paying Medicare premiums, developmentally disabled individuals and individuals with brain injuries also can qualify. Non-citizens who need emergency services can qualify for Medicaid as well.

As of January 2015, Wyoming extends Medicaid coverage to qualifying people or families who earn less than 138 percent of the federal poverty limit. This means that an individual who lives alone can earn up to $16,105 per year and qualify for Medicaid, while a family of four can earn up to $32,913 and qualify. The Wyoming Department of Public Health verifies citizenship status and that the applicant does not have other available resources when determining eligibility.

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