Who Is Eligible to Collect From the Canada Pension Plan?


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Residents of Canada that have worked and made a minimum of one valid payment to the Canada Pension Plan may qualify for a retirement pension payout. Individuals can take a permanently reduced payment at the age of 60 or they may take the full pension at the age of 65.

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Individuals that have previously lived or worked in Canada who are currently residing outside of the country may also qualify for the Canada Pension Plan. Surviving spouses or domestic partners can also qualify. However, whether or not individuals qualify for the Canada Pension Plan under these guidelines varies based on their current country of residence and if they qualify for any pensions or benefits from their current country. There are some countries that have a social security agreement with Canada to coordinate benefits between the two countries.

Residents of Quebec do not qualify for the Canada Pension Plan, as they qualify for a separate retirement pension called the Quebec Pension Plan. This plan is available to those who have not worked outside the province, those who currently reside in Quebec but have worked both in Quebec and another province, or those that live outside of Canada but previously worked in Quebec and whose last province of residence was Quebec.

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