Who Is Eligible to Become a Truck Driver?


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To qualify as a truck driver, a person must have a high school diploma or its equivalent, complete training at a professional truck-driving school and have a commercial driver's license. Once hired, truck drivers generally receive between one and three months of on-the-job training where they learn what they're transporting and the type of trucks they drive.

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Community college and private school truck-driving programs instruct students on federal regulations and laws related to interstate truck driving and how to drive large trucks in crowded areas and on highways. Community college programs last anywhere from three and six months. Depending on the courses, they may be certified by the Professional Truck Driver Institute as long as they meet standards set by the industry and the U.S. Department of Transportation.

To receive a commercial driver's license, a truck driver must pass a driving and knowledge test. License endorsements are available for transporting dangerous materials and operating specialized vehicles. Qualifying for endorsements involves passing a background test and gaining an additional education.

Skills a truck driver should possess include hand-eye coordination for being able to react quickly and appropriately to various driving situations. Drivers should also be in good physical health, have vision of at least 20/40 and possess good hearing.

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