Who Is Eligible for an ASC Home Mortgage?


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America's Servicing Company is not a lender and does not underwrite new mortgages or home equity loans to the public or provide mortgage refinancing, according to Mortgage Loan Directory. America's Servicing Company collects mortgage payments, handles business interactions with the borrower and collects a fee for its services.

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A borrower with a mortgage serviced by America's Servicing Company may, however, contact the company regarding loan modifications. If the borrower is experiencing financial hardship, he may be eligible to have his mortgage rate reduced, extend the term of his loan, establish a payment plan for past-due balances or have late payments waived. Borrowers seeking such relief, including those seeking a loan modification through the federal Home Affordable Modification Program, can contact America's Servicing Company toll-free at 1-800-842-7654, as of 2015. A borrower seeking to refinance a mortgage serviced by America's Servicing Company can do so with any mortgage lender as long as he has sufficient equity in the property and meets the lender’s other requirements.

America's Servicing Company is a division of Wells Fargo. The majority of loans serviced by America's Servicing Company originated with other lenders, according to Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo used the generic name America’s Servicing Company to appease competitors who did not want the Wells Fargo name associated with their loans.

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