Who Is Eligible for ArKids Medicaid Services?

Who Is Eligible for ArKids Medicaid Services?

The general program requirements to qualify for the ARKids First! Medicaid program include that the beneficiary should be a resident of Arkansas and younger than 19 years old, is not covered by any health insurance including Medicaid and should be a United States citizen, national, legal alien or a permanent resident. The financial eligibility requirements for the program vary according to the size of the household and income, states the Benefits.gov website.

ARKids First! is a state-sponsored health insurance program of Arkansas. Medicaid coverage for children falls under ARKids First! A, which offers a comprehensive package of benefits free of charge. ARKids First! B on the other hand is for families with a higher income, with the coverage requiring copayment and coinsurance.

The following are the household size and maximum income to be eligible for ARKids First! Medicaid coverage, as stated on the Benefits.gov website as of 2015.

  • Household size 1 - Maximum yearly income level $23,340
  • 2 - $31,460
  • 3 - $39,580
  • 4 - $47,700
  • 5 - $55,820
  • 6 - $63,940
  • 7 - $72,060
  • 8 - $80,180

Among the benefits under the ARKids First! A include dental care (including orthodontia), ambulance, chiropractor, emergency room services, hearing services, hospice services, immunizations, physician services, prescription drugs and vision care. To apply for program coverage, obtain an application form, fill it out and then send it to the local Department of Human Services offices, along with other requirements.