What Are Electronic Patient Care Plans?


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Electronic patient care plans are a component of electronic health records that specify individual patient medical treatment plans based on their personal medical histories, states the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation website. Electronic patient records improve treatment plans because they create a standardized method for reporting data, implementing plans and reviewing and sharing accurate and up-to-date medical records.

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Electronic patient care plans are one component of electronic records within the healthcare system, and they allow for the standardization of reporting and care, within facilities and among different facilities, notes the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and HealthIT.gov websites. Electronic records allow healthcare professionals to report current medications and allergies for patients, which allows for better care for the patient by the various physicians. This type of system works well for patients who visit multiple specialists or receive emergency care.

The electronic patient care plan component of electronic records allow all of the physicians, nurses, specialists and other healthcare professionals who come in contact with the patient to review the current plans and medication for individual patients, regardless of the facility or healthcare provider. Not all medical facilities have implemented electronic records, and some records are only used within one facility and are not shared among multiple facilities. Patients should meet with their healthcare provider to learn more.

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