What Are the Eight Techniques for Conflict Resolution?

What Are the Eight Techniques for Conflict Resolution?

Some of the eight techniques for conflict resolution are to care of oneself, identify personal needs, find a safe place for negotiating and take a listening stance. Others include asserting the needs clearly, having flexibility with problem-solving tactics, being calm and respectful, and finding an agreement that works.

First, the individual needs to understand the triggers that create conflict and have a positive environment to take care of himself. This often includes starting with basics like sleep and exercise. During the second step, the person identifies some desired outcomes during negotiations. The next technique is finding a safe and private place for discussion. This includes creating ground rules, having support people like an advocate or mediator, and setting a good time that is agreed upon by all parties.

Next, someone takes a listening stance. Everyone in the process needs to use his listening skills for a successful negotiation. An important step is to assert needs clearly. Use specifics for what each person wants or needs from the conflict resolution process.

During any negotiation, everyone needs to be open-minded and willing to be flexible. It's imperative to identify the issues and try to come up with a reasonable solution that is fair and just.

The final steps are focusing on the needs and concerns before taking a break, then coming up with the final agreement.