What Are Some Effective Words to Use in Performance Evaluations?

Good words to use for a performance evaluation include comments that focus on punctuality, creativity and innovation. Comments regarding attendance and managerial style are also good to use when conducting a performance evaluation. Specific remarks that relate to the individual's future goals, problem areas, attention to detail, client interaction and the person's demeanor are also helpful when evaluating a performance.

The person completing a performance evaluation may want to choose words that concentrate on an individual's ability to take initiative, set goals, demonstrate certain knowledge of the job and leadership skill ability. The person writing the evaluation should define those statements clearly so they are not easily misconstrued by the individual receiving the evaluation. Comments that are generalized in nature don't do much to help someone understand where his areas of improvement lie. The more specific a critique is, the more the individual can do to put those changes to work.

A supervisor or person in charge should set future goals that include guidelines and a set of rules the individual being evaluated can follow to reach those goals and implement changes. People can be discouraged easily and lose incentive to improve if there's too much criticism in an evaluation. Evaluations should contain a mix of constructive criticism and positive remarks about a person's area of strengths, including listing why the person is a valued member of the organization.