Which Are More Effective in Solving Problems, Local or National Charities?


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Local and national charities are both fully effective at solving problems if they receive needed funding. Typically well funded, national U.S charities usually respond to major disasters very swiftly. Local charities often lack the funding to meet local needs.

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Arguably, local charities are more transparent and have less administrative layers that increase overhead costs. Local churches often serve as vital nexuses of charity and community support. Churches with open-book policies provide paper budgets for greater transparency and accountability. City halls and township centers often maintain convenient lists of local charities, complete with contact information.

Ultimately, personal preference is the most important factor determining whether a person donates to groups that address local, national or global problems. However, some philosophers have argued that the most charitable giving is giving that directly combats preventable human deaths. Due to economic realities, charitable donations might stretch further and save more lives in developing nations.

In the U.S, charitable contributions take up 2.2 percent of the country's GDP. This rate is higher in the U.S than in many other developed nations. However, only 4.3 percent of U.S donations go to organizations that serve international needs. Even less of this modest amount goes to help the planet's neediest people.

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