What Are Some Effective Meeting Openers?


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There are several types of ice breaker activities effectively start meetings, including the sweet greet meeting ice breaker and group exercises, such as champions and logos. Meeting openers help attendees learn more about each other while creating a fun, friendly atmosphere.

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The sweet greet meeting ice breaker starts with the meeting planner distributing a variety of candy bars to meeting participants. Meeting attendees must select a candy bar from a bag and sit in a designated spot that corresponds to that candy bar. After the drawing, each person belongs to a specific candy bar group, and the organizer then gives each group a series of questions that each member answers. The questions spur discussion about various aspects of work life.

Champions is an exercise that allows meeting attendees to share their strengths. Meeting participants pair up with a partner, and each person has five minutes to interview their partner. Participants must then share information about their partner with the main group, explaining how their partner's strong qualities are an asset. In essence, participants become a champion for another person.

The logos exercise requires participants to choose a corporate logo that best represents their personality. Then each participant shares the reasons they picked the logo with the group.

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