What Are the Educational Requirements for Becoming a Pediatric Nurse?


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Educational requirements for becoming a pediatric nurse include becoming a certified registered nurse, gaining experience with a family doctor or pediatrician, and either earning a certificate in pediatric nursing or becoming a pediatric Nurse practitioner. It's also possible to become a clinical nurse specialist in pediatrics.

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A certified R.N. must first earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, or an associate degree. Graduates must then successfully pass a licensing exam. Pediatric registered nurses should learn about the special developmental and health needs of adolescents and children. More training might be needed to work with children who have cancer, are especially ill or have disabilities.

The next step is to attain certification in pediatric nursing or continue on to earn a higher degree. Before becoming a pediatric nurse practitioner or a clinical nurse specialist, a nurse first has to meet continuing education and state certification requirements and pass an exam.

Pediatric nurses should also know how to put children and adolescents at ease about going to the doctor how to connect with them, which is a skill that cannot always be taught. Pediatric nurses should also be able to handle pressure and know how to take care of themselves since the job can sometimes be emotionally taxing.

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