What Are the Educational Requirements to Become a District Attorney?


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To become a district attorney, the basic educational requirements are having a four-year college degree in addition to a Juris Doctor degree from an approved law school, according to Study.com. The district attorney must also pass the state bar and get the proper license to become a lawyer.

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To get into law school, there is not a specific undergraduate college degree the student must have, notes Study.com. Some common bachelor's degree before law school are economics, political science, English, history and philosophy. This includes the major coursework, general studies and electives.

Once in law school, there are specific types of courses that are helpful for passing the bar exam, says Study.com. Some of these courses include constitutional law, legal writing, criminal law, civil procedures and property law. Some schools let the student choose their electives in certain areas of law, such as criminal law, which would be helpful for someone hoping to become a district attorney.

Some states not only require the state bar, but also require students to pass an exam in judicial ethics or another type of performance test, according to Study.com. If a lawyer decides to switch states from where he got his original license to practice law, he needs to pass the bar and get a new license in the new state.

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