What Are the Education and Training Requirements to Become a Land Developer?


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Land developers must possess bachelor’s degrees at minimum and may also possess advanced graduate degrees. They must also acquire work experience in real estate or related fields. Land developers purchase pieces of land and supervise construction projects on them.

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Land or real estate development positions typically require at least a bachelor’s degree. Developers commonly take degrees in real estate or related fields such as geography or soil and land development. A bachelor’s degree in real estate typically covers subjects such as site plans, subdivisions, zoning and permit processes, among other concepts. Students in real estate or land development programs may also gain access to internship opportunities at real estate development firms or management offices.

Land developers must also gain experience in the field before moving up through the ranks, taking entry-level positions at public or private land development firms. Aspiring land developers may work as real estate brokers, property managers, title researchers or asset managers. Developers must gain on-the-job experience and learn more about concepts such as site selection, lease negotiation and site development.

Land developers with professional experience may also pursue graduate studies in order to compete for higher-paying positions. Developers with bachelor’s degrees may gain graduate certificates in real estate development, and some colleges even offer master’s degrees in real estate or land development. Some industry organizations, such as the Commercial Real Estate Development Association, offer continuing education courses in land development.

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