What Education Is Recommended for Real Estate Investing?


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A college degree is not necessary for a real estate investor, though many universities and colleges offer courses in real estate investing, according to Investopedia. Instead, there are habits that people may develop such as planning ahead, researching the market, being honest and developing a niche, which can help to lead to success as a real estate investor.

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The real estate market is complex and competitive, so college classes can help, especially those in business administration, finance, law and economics, explains the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Those who wish to open their own real estate brokerage or investment company should also take accounting and marketing courses. There are also courses through real estate associations that cover topics such as real estate law, real estate fundamentals and mortgage financing.

People who get into real estate should also have strong business skills, as many own their own business and must manage all aspects including finances, marketing and advertising, states the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Strong interpersonal skills are also necessary, as real estate professionals spend a lot of time interacting with customers and clients. Real estate professionals must also work independently, managing time, planning, organizing and prioritizing are all part of the job. Also, problem-solving skills are important for those in real estate, as negotiations between sellers and buyers are a large part of this career path.

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