How Do You Edit Your Resume?


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To edit a resume, proofread it carefully and work to simplify it. This includes removing unnecessary wording and sections, adjusting the formatting and shortening it.

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Start by proofreading the entire resume, reading it out loud. This helps to correct minor errors like spelling and grammatical errors. A lot of sentence fragments and poor wording choices can also be caught during proofreading. Remove unnecessary wording and phrases that make it seem wordy. While editing, keep the resume simple, brief and descriptive.

Use simplistic fonts, colors and layouts when adjusting the formatting. Don’t make it too fancy or attempt to use a font that is rarely seen. Using Times New Roman or Arial works fine. Use a standard 9-12 point size, preferably black font with a white background. Instead of using color to make it more interesting, use bold and italics when necessary. Headers for each section should be in bold.

Go through each section and scrutinize every detail and bullet point. If the career section has 10 bullet points for each position, narrow it down to two to five important facts about the job duties and responsibilities. Remove any personal information and stick only to the facts about education and professional experience. Remove the line “references available upon request,” as it is not necessary. Try to trim the resume so it prints as a single page.

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