What Are Some EDI Transaction Codes?


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Some electronic data interchange codes include 810, which is for invoices, 850, which is for a purchase order, and 855, which is for a purchase order acknowledgement. Other electronic data interchange codes include 856, which is a shipment notice, and 894, which is a delivery record.

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An electronic data interchange document has several segments, data elements and envelopes that have a specific format, which follows the rules set in place for electronic data interchange standards. When a person creates an electronic data interchange document, such as an invoice, it is important that the document has formatting that adheres to the standard rules. These rules define how and where information is on the document. This is necessary as the electronic data interchange translator that receives the electronic data interchange document can understand it immediately without having to go through the receiving system manually.

One of the most important aspects of an electronic data interchange document is the data element, which is simply information such as country, city, item number, price or state. Each of the data elements must follow electronic data interchange standards. For instance, it is important to distinguish text or calendar dates from numeric data. Each data element describes the data type, minimum and maximum length, and code value, if applicable.

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