What Are Ecolab MSDS Sheets?


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Ecolab MSDS sheets are informative documents that provide safety information on at least 225 Ecolab products. MSDS is an abbreviation for Material Safety Data Sheets. Ecolab makes the sheets available for their cleaning and sanitizing products. They are available online by request.

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The sheets explain what Ecolab products are, provide information on their creation and give the composition of their ingredients. They also identify hazards and describe appropriate first aid measures in addition to other information.

The products are designed to make the earth cleaner, safer and healthier by enhancing the quality of other products, preventing the spread of infections and protecting vital resources. They have water, hygiene and energy applications in the food processing, hospitality, healthcare, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and energy sectors.

Organizations using the products include restaurants, hotels, long-term care facilities, schools, commercial industries and the military. Oil and gas operations use the products to improve productivity and enhance air quality by minimizing environmental releases.

Additional uses include the repair and maintenance of commercial kitchen equipment and appliances, protecting businesses and their employees from pests, and preventing the growth of harmful microorganisms that can cause illness.

In general, Ecolab MSDS sheets provide information on products designed to help businesses operate efficiently in clean, safe environments that achieve sustainability goals.

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