What Is an Ecolab Degreaser MSDS?


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An Ecolab Material Safety Data Sheet, also known as a Safety Data Sheet, gives information on products, such as Ecolab degreasers, for the purpose of chemical management in the workplace, according to the Ecolab website. Information typically provided on an MSDS includes information on the ingredients, such as chemical composition, accidental release measures, potential hazards and first-aid measures in the event of exposure, states the United States Department of Labor.

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Other information included on a Material Safety Data Sheet includes stability and reactivity of the product, handling and storage requirements, physical and chemical properties of the product, disposal considerations and possible ecological impacts if the product is released into the environment, notes the United States Department of Labor.

For example, the MSDS of Ecolab's Powertex Degreaser, under the hazards section, lists this product as corrosive to the skin and eyes, as an irritant to the respiratory tract and as harmful to swallow, causing potential burns to the mouth, throat and stomach if it is ingested, according to the company website. Under the first-aid measure section, the Powertex Degreaser MSDS suggests immediately flushing eyes and skin in the event of contact with the product in either area. The MSDS also suggests storing the product in a tightly sealed container in a well-ventilated location at temperatures between 0 and 45 degrees Celsius.

The MSDS for Ecolab's Heavy Duty Degreaser lists the ingredients as sodium carbonate, arylsulfonates, ethylenediamine tetraacetate and nonionic surfactants under the information of ingredients section, states the company website.

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