What Are Some Easy Ways to Search for Federal Tax Identification Numbers?


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An individual can search for an employer identification number, or EIN, on the investor pages from the websites of most publicly traded companies, the Houston Chronicle advises. The Securities and Exchange Commission also has an online data base for public companies to file their annual financial statements, and those statements contain the companies' EINs.

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People can also check the Securities and Exchange Commission website for EIN numbers of publicly traded companies, reports the Houston Chronicle. The number appears on the first page of each SEC filing. Company investor websites typically post the SEC filings as well, and the SEC's Edgar database contains the filings of public companies. If a 1099 or W-2 form is available from the company, the EIN appears on that form as well, Legal Zoom advises.

People can also search for employer identification numbers on subscription databases such as Knowx, according to the Houston Chronicle. If the entity is a non-profit organization, the Internal Revenue Service provides a search option for individuals to search for non-profit companies, Legal Zoom explains. A nonprofit organization's EIN is publicly available, so any individual or business who would like to donate services, goods or money to a nonprofit can verify the entity with the IRS.

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