What Are Some Easy Ways to Make Extra Money?


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There are a variety of simple, low-commitment approaches one can take to making extra money, including performing odd jobs tutoring, dog walking, babysitting, doing odd jobs such as lawn maintenance or snow shoveling, cleaning houses, volunteering for clinical trials and selling goods, such as old appliances or jewelry, as reported by Forbes magazine. There is also a variety of ways to use technology to make extra money, including digital services, such as TaskRabbit, Airbnb and GetAround, which allow users to get paid for running errands, renting their homes and loaning out their cars, respectively.

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What Are Some Easy Ways to Make Extra Money?
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Some simple paid tasks can be carried out at home. For example, there are some websites, including ejury.com, that allow individuals with an Internet-connected computer to get paid to serve on a mock jury for attorneys who want real-life practice before taking a case to trial, notes Kiplinger. Other options for this kind of work include website testing and work as a virtual personal assistant.

Selling possessions, such as clothes and old furniture, can be a quick way of earning some extra cash, but those who do not have any material goods to part with may still have something to offer. Many people earn money selling biological material, such as hair, blood plasma and even breast milk.

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