What Are Some Easy Businesses to Start?


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There are many businesses that can be started with little training or capital outlay. Businesses such as these are often service-oriented. Examples include bicycle repair, cleaning services, computer repair, eBay assistant, personal concierge and graffiti removal.

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What Are Some Easy Businesses to Start?
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To call any business easy is misleading. According to The Upstart Business Journal, "There is no easy business." Every business requires planning, goal-setting, dedication and evaluation of performance. There are times when even the easiest of businesses faces challenging times.

Offering winter storage complements a bicycle repair and tune-up business and can help generate income during slower winter months. This is an excellent business for warmer climates. Keeping Saturday hours is important for a bicycle repair business.

There are many different possibilities for cleaning services. Services can be offered for homeowners or businesses. In addition to general house cleaning, carpet cleaning and window washing are logical options. Good quality cleaners receive more business through word of mouth.

It is necessary to be familiar with computers to start a computer business. However, all the information required is readily available. By learning all the different types of software and hardware offered by different manufacturers and learning how different users in a given area use computers, many business opportunities can be identified. Basic computer repair services are always in demand.

Sell items on eBay, establish a good reputation and then offer to sell other people's goods for a fee. Search flea markets and garage sales for items in demand, and sell them on eBay.

Executives who work long hours are willing to pay people to take care of details of their lives from buying groceries to booking show tickets or walking their dogs. Successful personal concierges are happy to take on any task and deliver more than is expected of them.

Graffiti removal is a specialized offshoot of the cleaning business. This type of service is in high demand in some areas. Learn how to remove the various types of graffiti made with paint, markers and chalk from different materials such as wood, asphalt, brick, concrete, glass, vinyl and automobile paint. Create a portfolio of graffiti removal techniques to impress potential clients. Offer a monthly or other regularly timed service.

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