What Is the Eastern Star Initiation Process?

The Order of the Eastern Star initiation process involves sending a petition to apply for membership, whereupon the chapter's members vote on whether to accept the applicant. Once the application is approved, the person may begin attending the Order's meetings as their time permits. People of many religious and economic backgrounds have joined the Order.

A man must be a Master Mason in order to apply for Order of the Eastern Star membership. The Freemasons have their own requirements for a man to become a Master Mason; they include a belief in a supreme being and a desire to better the community. A woman who wishes to join must be related to a Master Mason. The Order has requirements for the type of relationship between the woman and the Mason.

Women who are members of the International Order of the Rainbow of Girls, or of Job's Daughters International, may also apply.

The prospective member must apply to his local chapter. As the Order considers it important to have a good reputation, it may help if the applicant already knows a member who can vouch for him. The applicant petitions the chapter, completing an official application form. The chapter then votes on the application; if the candidate receives majority approval, he is admitted to the chapter and can start attending meetings.