What Is the Easiest Way to Make Lots of Money at Home If You Are a Kid?


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PBS Kids suggests that the easiest ways for kids to make money at home involve doing extra work around the house and helping neighbors and friends with odd jobs. Babysitting, mowing grass, washing windows and weeding a garden are easy ways to get started. To ensure both sides are pleased with the agreement before beginning, both parties should discuss payment terms and the scope of the work.

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Additional suggestions for making money at home include washing a car, organizing an area of the house, doing yard work, cleaning out a garage or washing a pet, according to PBS Kids. Older kids can do pet sitting for neighbors or friends to earn extra money. Kids with a special skill, such as sewing or drawing, can create a product to sell either on the Internet or locally through word of mouth.

Food service jobs are always a promising way for kids to earn extra money from home. A lemonade, popcorn or baked goods stand is a good way to get started earning money, although food service ideas require some seed money to get started with equipment and supplies for the business. Kids need an informal business plan that takes into account the needed supplies, time input and potential customers.

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