What Is the Easiest Way to Learn Stock Options?


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The University of Central Florida, the UCLA Extension Program and Miami Dade College offer online courses that walk students through the basics of stock options. Courses start with the basics of stock options, including terms and concepts, and progress each session until more advanced strategies and concepts emerge, according to the University of Central Florida.

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Introduction to Stock Options at UCF starts a new session monthly. Instructors release two lessons each week on Monday and Friday. Interactive discussions for each are available for two weeks. All course work, including units on price charts, profit-loss graphs, long and short call options, and advanced option strategies, is due two-weeks after the release of the final exam, according to the University of Central Florida.

Introduction to Stock Options from Miami Dade College offers a similar outline; the six-week session releases two lessons a week focusing on individual portfolios. Concepts and strategies for profiting in down, up and flat markets and leveraging investments to succeed give students the materials needed to invest in the stock options market, says Miami Dade College.

Managing and Understanding Stock Option Strategies from UCLA explains the basics of stock options for those who want to use them in their investment portfolio. Intermediate forms of option strategies, including combinations, butterflies, condors, straddles and spreads, build on the previous lessons, according to UCLA Extension.

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