What Is the Easiest Way for an 11-Year-Old to Make Money?

Although 11-year-old children are prohibited from having traditional jobs, there are many ways for them to earn money. One of the best sources for work for responsible pre-teens is found in their own neighborhood. Tasks such as mowing the lawn, raking leaves, shoveling snow and washing cars help neighbors who may not be physically able or have the time to do the work themselves.

Other ways to earn money close to home include caring for neighbors' pets, helping with gardens, painting fences, washing windows or clearing out garages and attics. After cleaning out the garage and attic, an enterprising young person can offer assistance at a garage sale for additional money. If an 11-year-old child's family owns a business, he may be able to work at that business under parental supervision.

If the pre-teen is good at an academic subject, earning money tutoring other students is another possibility. While a young person of 11 is not old enough to independently babysit younger children, he could serve as an assistant babysitter with a teen to earn part of the pay and gain valuable experience. It is important to check specific state laws regarding minor employment before an 11-year-old takes on any job.